Selling Maple Syrup in Wisconsin
Apr 18, 2019 @ 14:06


For those of you located in the state of Wisconsin who are seeking to sell your own maple syrup, here is a link to the Department of Agriculture, Trade, and Consumer Protection guide to Selling Maple Syrup in Wisconsin. Many of you may have questions relating to licensing, inspection, equipment needed, along with guidelines for each of these. It is important to also note that, if you are selling in a local farmers market, the farmers market may have a separate set of guidelines to follow, so it is advised to reach out to the director of your farmers market for further guidance. They may also be helpful in locating other resources relating to your operation! Best of luck to you!

For your convenience, included here is also a list of resources from the Wisconsin DATCP:



Wisconsin Rules:


Contact Licensing Consultant

(608) 224-4923 ​​​​

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  1. This is great! Thanks for posting. 

    I see that many of those links are applicable to everyone in our maple community. (Not just Wisconsin).

    That being said, that’d be so great to have a list of resources that could answer state-level questions regarding maple syrup sales. If you have additional resources that are specific to states other than Wisconsin, I'm sure there are many UMP members that would be so grateful!

    Thanks Jamie!

  2. You're welcome, Angela! And you're totally right–a number of these links are applicable across the board 🙂

    This topic came up on Facebook, so I was familiar with the DATCP link, however, I may edit and add to this page as I am able to research and regulations from various regions so they are all in the same place.

  3. Awesome! That will be a great resource.



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