Apr 24th 7:00 pm Wednesday Webinar:  Maple Education With Nourish
Apr 9, 2019 @ 13:14


We know Pure Maple is real, it’s good, and it’s good for you! But eating well starts with education, and that’s precisely what the folks at Nourish Farms are doing to resolve the issue of food illiteracy in their community. Nourish Farms offers an after school program where students and participants sample a healthy snack based on the Harvest of the Month, and March was Maple month! Tune in and be inspired by educators and chefs in southeastern Wisconsin as we visit an elementary school in Plymouth, Wisconsin where we’ll join Parkview Elementary students for an afternoon maple snack and hear what THEY have to say. As fellow maple producers, it’s our mission to #FIGHTFAKE and abolish the flavored corn syrups of the world, one child at a time.


This video was recorded on Wednesday, March 13th, 2019 with the cooperation of Nourish program manager Ryan Laswell, Farm to School educator Brandi Bohlman, Plymouth Joint School District Garden Co-coordinator Laura Grunwald, and Plymouth School District Extra Mile Childcare Director Sharon Fuchs. Special thanks to Dave Ottensman of Open Door A/V Entertainment Specialists, LLC for filming and editing today’s segment and for furthering their mission of opening doors for non profits like us! We thank you for your time, your efforts, and for all that you do in your community!

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